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So you’re planning to buy or sell a home in California, congratulations!

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Beginner: Getting Started

Who handles each task in a purchase/sale without real estate agents? 

What is the typical step-by-step timeline for a real estate purchase/sale without agents?

What is the normal purchase contract that people use?

What is a contingency and what do people normally do?

Intermediate: Continuing Research

What are the most important terms in a purchase/sale contract?

What should I expect to pay for closing costs in escrow?

Do I need a home inspection for a FSBO? (Part 1Part 2)

How do family transfers and gifts work?

How do sales work between landlord and tenant?

How do rent-to-own and lease options work?

What are some issues that can arise with FSBOs?

What are the typical disclosures involved with FSBO?

How do I get my home on the MLS?

What’s the secret to writing an attractive purchase offer?

Advanced: Investors

Do FSBO homes get price discounted in the real estate market?

What about legalese in purchase contracts?