Logistics of Buying And Selling Real Estate Without A Realtor

With an attorney to assist you (rather than a real estate agent), buying or selling your home is actually quite simple and straightforward.  Here is a typical breakdown of the logistics & responsibilities, showing that most of the tasks are handled by the attorney, escrow, and lender:






· Prepares the purchase agreement

· Answers all questions and guides the transaction

· Provides all necessary disclosure forms

· Reviews all documents

· Coordinates with all parties

· Lists the home for sale (here’s how, it’s easy)

· Shows the home to potential buyers (here’s how, it’s easy)

· Provides info about the property on disclosure forms and closing documents (it’s easy; your attorney helps you)

· Tours the home

· Hires any inspection contractors (it’s easy, most people use Yelp)

· Provides requested information to the lender (it’s easy)

· Reviews disclosure forms and closing documents (it’s easy; your attorney helps you)

· Provides title report

· Handles all funds

· Answers questions

· Provides closing documents

· Files and records all necessary documents

· Provides loan documents

· Answers questions

Greg Glaser, Attorney at Law
San Francisco Bay Area – Northern California
(925) 642-6651 — greg@gregglaser.com
Flat Fee Packages Available for Buyers and Sellers Without a Realtor

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